Instructions: Connecting your new '' email to Outlook

(Note: These instructions were written using Outlook for Office 365 on a Google Chrome web browser. Other browsers should work, but steps may vary.)

1. Open Outlook, click the gear in the upper right area of your screen to open the settings menu, click "Connected accounts."

2. In Connected accounts, under "Add a connected account" click to select "Gmail"

3. In Connect your Google account, change the selection box to "Import into existing folders" then click OK.

4. You will be automatically transferred to a Google sign in page. Sign into your Google account with the "" credentials sent to your current email address. (You may be asked to change your password, remember to store your new password in a safe place.)

5. Once signed in, you will be prompted to allow Microsoft access to you Google account, click "Allow."

6. Outlook will confirm a successful connection to your Google account. Click "OK"

7. It may take a few minutes to sync your account. When complete the status of your account will say "Up to date."

8. Changing your default from Address: Scroll down the same page (Connected accounts) find and click "Change your from address." 

9. Select your "" email address and click "Save." You always have the option to change the address you send from when writing a new email, but this setting will always have it default to ""

Update Complete. Refresh your browser and all email sent to your new "" will show up right in your Outlook inbox.